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Robe a la polonaise

  The head is covered with a batiste cap “dormouse”. This hat is an English type one made according to the illustration in a fashion plate from 1779. The dress has an “enfourreau“ back, it means that the back is cut in one piece and then is pleated and stitched into a necessary shape (see previous picture); sleeves are called “sabot” and at their ends separate batiste hand embroidered flounces are tacked. These ones were made according to the original from 1760 – 1780 located in Snowshill Manor in England (see Arnold). The outfit is completed with satin gloves, a walking stick according to period fashion plates and a hand embroidered muslin kerchief with design from the original kerchief dated back to circa 1780 located in The Kyoto Costume Institute.

Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo dress, part 2
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Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo petticoats, part 1