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Robe a la polonaise

  Dress represents English fashion dated to circa 1780. It is a “robe á la polonaise” (Polish dress) used as a walking dress. This kind appeared from 70th of 18th century and originated from a “robe á l´anglaise” (English dress), which skirt was draped. The name didn’t mean is was worn in Poland, but it originated in a political incident -  Poland was divided in 1772 and the skirt parts  symbolize three parts of Poland. The dress is mainly handsewn according to patterns in Arnold’s book: Patterns of Fashion 1. The dress and the pink petticoat are made of satin according to originals from 1770-1780 located in The Gallery of English Costume (see Arnold). The dress decoration is inspirited with the original dress from 1775-1780 located in Snowshill Manor in England (see Arnold).

Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo dress, part 1
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Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo dress, part 3