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Chemise a la reine - underpinnings

  The most significant part of underpinnings are half-boned stays made according to an original dated to 1770s located in Victoria & Albert Museum in London (N. Waugh: Corsets and Crinolines). The stays are made of solid cotton, covered with red damask, lined with linen and boned with plastic boning. Underneath the stays there is a decency skirt and other necessary accessories are two hand embroidered pockets all made originally for the robe la polonaise. A small pad is tied around the waist. The lowermost part of the outfit is a linen shift and underpinnings is completed with silk stockings, garters and shoes all made originally for the dress with the pierrot jacket.

Tailor's - Hanka, Chemise a la reine - petticoats, part 1
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi 2006
Tailor's - Hanka, Chemise a la reine - underpinnings, part 2