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Blue silk cotehardie


  A tight silk garment inspired by a pattern of Herjolfsnes find No. 38. The sleeves are fasten by a row of pearl buttons. There are several possibilities of headdress: a red crespine decorated by pearls (the design based on the statue of Isabel of Bavaria, Poitiers, the construction based London excavation finding No. 1461) or a veils with pearls on the edges placed over a false braids (according to the London finding No. 1450) and a coronet. The accessories are wide belt and tippets (based on Jael and Sisera, Hs 2505, Speculum humanae salvationis). The garment is dated to the late 14th century (ca 1360).

Tailor's - Catany; Lady's red cotehardie, part 4
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi © 2006
Tailor's - Catany, Blue silk cotehardie, part 2