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   The costume is inspired by period woodcuts from 1525 to 1535 (Der Landsknecht im Spiegel Renaissaincegraphik um 1500-1540, Birgit von Seggen, Bonn 2003).
   The basic layer are linen shirt and underpants. Second layer are doublet and hose, both made of wollen fabrics in combination with brocade and cotton linning. The third layer is a waffenrock, the wollen overcoat with 16 cone part skirt and threequarter sleeves. The wafferock is fasten by wooden buttons. The officer’s sash of brocade immitation is made by Petr Kolar. The headcover is wollen coif and wollen baret decorat by feathers. The ribbons with brass aiglets are made by lucet technique.

  Author Vendulka

Tailor's - Vendulka, Lancknecht, part 1
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Tailor's - Vendulka, Lancknecht, part 3