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   The doppelsoldner costume is inspired by woodcuts from 1525-1530 (eg. Urs Graf, Niklaus Manuel). The basic layer is linen shirt and underpants over which is dressed doublet and hose made of three textile layers (grey wool, cotton and linen lining). The garment is fasten by leather bands. Hand made baret is decorated by feathers. The ribbons with brass aiglets are made by lucet technique.
The armour parts: quilted collar, chain mail collar (author Oldrich Horek), frontal cuirass with decoration, the sturmhaube type helmet (M. Vrtal), gauntlets and small iron shoulders.

  Author Vendulka

Tailor's - Vendulka, Doppelsoldner, part 2
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi 2006
Tailor's - Vendulka, Doppelsoldner, part 4