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Citizen from Langers

  French citizen at the end of 16th century, vicarage maid from Langers, clothed dress made of thick flax. We used fabrics in blue –grey color which correspond woad tone. The bodice lacing at the front side enabled to dress without any other help. Inside is a corset shaped according to actual fashion. The corset is made in a form so the maid could manually work. The corset is laced at the back.
The last layer is the linen shirt. Common women usually did not wear sophisticated verdugado because of its unhandiness. Our maid wishes to be pretty, so she wears under colored underskirt another petticoat. White petticoat covers sewn stocking and probably a renaissance underware about which we have only unclear ideas.
  1589, first edition of Orchésographie, written by a local canon Jehan Tabourot /Thoinot Arbeau.

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