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Citizen from Langers

  The clothing of Lagnres citizen consists of linen doublet and pants. Both parts are tied together. It seems that pants at that time were not holding at the waist itself. Man is able to dress himself. The doublet is bit looser than his noble ideal to allow his owner free movement. The sleeves are attachable. Below the doublet is linen shirt. The brown red colour of pants corresponds to dyes of madder. Yellow colour of doublet is little bit brighter than tones of Anthemis tinctoria. Sewn stockings are attached above knees by garters.
And why is the dress dated to 1589? Because this year appears the first edition of Orchésographie, written by a local canon Jehan Tabourot /Thoinot Arbeau.

Tailor's - Rond, Citizen from Langres, part 2
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Tailor's - Rond, Citizen from Langres, part 2