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Clothing of city guard

   The member of city guard is dressed in hose made of wool. Hose are tied up to woolen vest which is lined by stiff linen fabric capable to hold the hose. For the lashing the lucet braids are used. Below the vest is linen shirt. Over the vest the guard wears quilted pourpoint made of coarse linen. Pattern of this piece is based of extant artefact belonging to Charles de Blois. On the pourpoint man wears a hood made of wool and linen. The pattern for hood is according the Mittelalterliche Hausbuch von Schloss Wolfegg (1480). The head of guard is protected against weather by woolen baret. Next page shows the shirt.

   Author Karlos.

Tailor's - Costume Gallery, Karlos, Clothing of city guard, part 2
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