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Turquoise renaissance dress

  The clothing was inspired by the Venetian fashions in 1570-1580. We used sewing techniques and patterns of similar existing garments, such as the garments fully described in Janet Arnold, Patterns of Fashion.
  The fabric used for this dress is a 100% silk lightweight brocade. The bodice is boned and lined with a neutral color linen. A thinner linen is also used for lining the sleeves, which have ribbons with points that are tied to the bodice.. The skirt is attached to the bodice by cartridge pleating – a period technique for gathering large amounts of fabric to a small circumference. A part of the costume is also the camicia – a wide italian chemise, fully gathered at the neckline and wrists and embellished with a fine bobbin lace.

Tailor's - Zuzka Kraemerova, Silver doublet and red trunkhose, part 2
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Tailor's - Zuzka Kraemerova, Man's doublet and green trunkhose, part 1