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Silver doublet and red trunkhose

  The clothing was inspired by the Venetian fashions in 1570-1580. We used sewing techniques and patterns of similar existing garments, such as the garments fully described in Janet Arnold, Patterns of Fashion.
  The doublet is made from a 50% silk brocade and lined with a red linen. It fastens up the front with small pewter buttons. The trunkhose consist of an under layer of silk dupion which forms close fitting hose, on this is sewn the upper layer of black silk dupion and red dupion strips. Everything is mounted onto a narrow waistband which has small holes to fasten to the doublet with hand made laces. The front of the hose is covered by a codpiece.

  Next page shows the detail of fastening the trunkhose to doublet.

Tailor's - Zuzka Kraemerova, Red Venetian renaissance dress, part 2
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Tailor's - Zuzka Kraemerova, Silver doublet and red trunkhose, part 2