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Blue regency bib front dress

  This dress was made according to the extant dark green flowered gown dated to 1795-1800 (Museum of London), but it is made of a softer fabric (cotton muslin) with different color. The dress opens at the sides, the bodice is pinned at the front as a front part of the skirt, and the bib is fastened with fabric covered buttons at shoulders. The dress is dressed over the shift, stays and a bodiced petticoat made for an early empire dress and accessories are a medallion with a portrait and a handkerchief of cotton organza trimmed at the edges with a Dresden work inspired by embroidery on an extant shawl, c. 1810 - 1820.

Tailor's - Hanka, Blue Regency Bib Front Dress, part 2
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi 2006
Tailor's - Hanka, Outfit according to the Gallery of Fashion, part 1