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White regency bib front dress

  A chemise dress worn at the beginning of the 19th Century made according to the extant gown from France, 1802 (Kyoto Costume Institute, pattern alternated from Patterns of Fashion 1, p. 49) and made of cotton muslin trimmed with an open work seam and a white simplified embroidery (next photo). The dress opens at the sides, the bodice is tied at the front by ties, a front part is also tied with ties, which goes through two loops at the back and are tied in the front, and the bib is pinned at last. At the back there is a small pad, which keeps skirt from revealing the arch of the lower back. The whole outfit is completed with pink leather slippers, a woolen embroidered Persian shawl and a set of jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelets and hairpin). Under the transparent dress there is a cotton underdress made for early regency dress.

Tailor's - Hanka, 2.	Striped regency dress  the petticoat and short stays, part 4
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Tailor's - Hanka, White regency bib front dress, part 2