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Ladies' and child clothing 

  The outfit consists of the sleeveless halved surcotte of silk and brocade and embroidered woolen surcotte with tree-quarter sleeves, which is buttoned up with a brass buckle made by goldsmith Mgr. Michaela Kršková. The lower layer consists of a damask shirt with a hood and drawers, made according to the clothes of new born baby from the tomb of the Duke Břetislav II. in the Cathedral of St. Vít at the Prague Castle, 2. half of 13. century (photo next page). The headdress consists of a damask coif and a brocade hat trimmed with fur and the footwear of turned leather shoes.

Tailor's - Hanka, Ladies' and child clothing, part 2
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Tailor's - Hanka, Woman’s cloak, part 1