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Woman’s outfit with the halved surcotte 

  The outfit consists of the brocade surcotte with tree-quarter sleeves and the silk cotte, under which is the shirt, drawers, stockings with garters and turned leather shoes. The surcotte and the cotte are made according to patterns of S. Thursfield (The medieval tailor’s assistant). The cotte is made of green silk dupioni with buttons from silk filled with wool. The surcotte is made of yellow-gold-black and yellow-gold-red cotton brocade. The headdress is made of braids curled up into ram horns covered with silk scarf covered with hand-made red net and a diadem trimmed with silver lilies and pearls made by goldsmith Mgr. Michaela Kršková just as the gilded brooch with pearls and semi-precious stones inspired by the brooch from Karlštejn, located in UPM Praha.

Tailor's - Hanka, Woman’s outfit with the woolen surcotte, part 2
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