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Rococo dress – underpinnings

  Underpinnings consist of jean stays lined with linen, boned with plastic boning. This stays are made according to an original brown jean corset ( 1780,St Fagan´s National History Museum in Cardiff;Sallen: Corsets. Historical patterns & techniques). Underneath the stays there is a decency skirt, which protected the decency of woman, because usually there were no drawers under it (they were thought as inelegant). The pad  made in accordance with the adapted pattern of Hunnisett (Period Costume for Stage & Screen), is tied around hips. Other necessary accessories are two hand embroidered pockets made according to the original from 1725 – 1750, Snowshill Manor, England (Arnold: Patterns of Fashion 1).

Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo dress - skirt and petticoats, part 2
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Tailor's - Hanka, Rococo dress - underpinnings, part 2