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Womanís outfit with the ram horn hairstyle 

  The outfit was made according to illuminations in Codex Manesse and Codex Willehalms, Kassel version. The outfit consists of the brocade surcotte with tree-quarter sleeves and the silk cotte, under which is the shirt, drawers and stockings with garters tightened under knees. The patterns of S. Thursfield (The medieval tailorís assistant) were used with modifications. The cotte is made of yellow silk shantung lined with white linen with buttons from wooden beads covered with silk. The surcotte is made of half-silk brocade lined with red satin. The headdress is made of braids curled up into ram horns covered with silk scarf dyed with marigold covered with hand-made red net and tablet-woven tape with gold lance pattern, metal components and pearls.

Tailor's - Hanka, Womanís outfit with the ram horn hairstyle, part 1
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Tailor's - Hanka,Womanís outfit with the woolen surcotte, part 1