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Robe a la française 

  Typical rococo dress is called robe ŕ la française and was worn not only in France in ca 1760. This type of the dress was worn at least as a formal dress till nearly the end of 18th century. The dress consists of the chemise with lace ruffles, the corset, the demi-panier, the petticoat with the trimmed forepart, the triangular stomacher and the dress with the typical loose pleats at the back and the fitted bodice as the lining. The dress is trimmed with ribbons and flounces. There is the small bonnet and the lace decoration on the neck. The dress is made according to an adapted pattern of Kybalová (Dějiny odívání: Barok a Rokoko) and is inspired by original dresses in The Kyoto Costume Institute (Móda. Dějiny odívání 18., 19. a 20. století). This dress was made in 2005 and it isn’t as precise as later works. This dress can be seen in the chateau Buchlovice.

Tailor's - Hanka, Robe a la francaise, part 1
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Tailor's - Hanka, Informal gentleman‘s outfit, part 1