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Gentleman's Hungarian costume


   The inspiration for presented clothing was a Lenka Pechova’s lecture (Costume History Colloquium 2012). The clothing consists of a shirt, trousers, a dolman, a mentieka and a hat. The dolman is made of a blue brocade lined by a red sateen and decorated by a yellow braid of which are also made the eyelets to fasten the buttons. The dolman is corded by a red sateen sash. The outer coat (mentieka) made of a black velvet, a blue sateen and an artificial fur is on the chest decorated by so called pozament which also serves as a fastening. The narrow trousers of a black wool have the front and back pieces cut together. The hat is made of an artificial fur.

Tailor's - Sona, Gentleman's Hungarian costume, part 2
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Tailor's - Sona, French Court dress, part 1