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Lady's Hungarian costume


   The garment was inspired by the portrait of Matej Goldberger’s wife (1645). The inner camisa is made of a cotton cloth, the upper fine cotton camisa has a lace inlay. Lace cuffs are attached to the sleeves. The large semicircular collar – a wire construction covered by an organza and a starched lace (Pattern of Fashion 4) is attached to the standing collar. The bodice and skirt are separated, hand sewn together. Pata’s extant piece was an inspiration for the bodice pattern. Bodice is made of velvet, the front edges are stiffened by a whale-bone. The lacing is done by metal rings and sateen string with an aiglet. The bodice is fastened on the shoulders by hooks and eyes. The sateen apron is decorated by a gold braid. The hairs are covered by a starched coif.

Tailor's - Sona, Lady's Hungarian costume, part 1
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Tailor's - Sona, Gentleman's Hungarian costume, part 1