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Albrecht z Valdstejna


The main artwork for the gentlemanís garment was a burial portrait of Albrecht Jan ze Smiric (1618, knihovna NM Praha). The model for the pattern was a extant clothing from 1615- 20, deposited at Museo v Museo Parmigiano, Reggio Emilia (J. Arnold 1). The garment consists of doublet, trunkhose of English type, stocking and garters, short cloak (boemio) and a hat decorated by aigret and feathers. The cuffs and the golilla (type of collar) are made of fine white cloth. The medailon with large pearl is hanging of a chain.

Tailor's - Catany, Lukrecie Nekesova z Landeka, part 5
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Tailor's - Catany, Albrecht z Valdstejna, part 2