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Anna of Austria - Saya


  The tall shoes are inspired by original footwear (1600) located in Bata Shoe museum in Toronto. The platform was carved out of bass-wood, covered by red brocade and decorated by golden twined string. The gold tape is finished by hand made brass tips.

  Low shoes are based on extant piece from 1590 - 1600 deposited in Bayerisches national Museum, Munchen. They were made in co-operation with Ing. Vaclav Gresak.

  The stocking and garters are made according the orginal belonging to Marketa Frantiska z Lobkowicz (+1617, Regionalni Museum Mikulov).

  Next pages shows drawers and low shoes decoration.

  Photo - Ing. Premysl Polasek

Tailor's - Catany, Anna of Austria, part 10
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Tailor's - Catany, Anna of Austria - Saya, part 12