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Herjolfsnes no.86

This hat was found inside a hood next to a skeleton of a boy. The round top of the hat was cut out of a single piece of fabric and later divided, somewhat asymmetrically, with a false seam, into 2 halves. The circumference of the hat was made from at least 4 rectangles having equal width, but different lengths. The lower edge was folded inward but probably never hemmed. This, as many other artifacts from excavation in Herjolfsnes, is dated to the end of the 14th century.


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Based on: Meddelelser om Gronland, Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes; Dr.phil. Poul Norlund; Copenhagen 1924; C.A.Reitzel


Patterns of extant garments - Hats and Caps, part 1
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi 2006