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Surcotte of king Rudolf I Habsburg of Bohemia

This surcotte is made from 3 trapezoidal pieces of silk bearing the designs of birds and dragons. Two kinds of fabric were used in this garment. The surcotte has two unconventional features. First, at that time, it was not traditional to make garments that only extended to the knees, so it has been suggested that this surcotte was intended for horseback riding. Secondly, its V-neck is very unconventional, as period garments mostly had round neck openings. The sides of the surcotte were longer than the rest of the piece due to the pattern design. A similar garment can be found in the Passion of Christ book of Premyslovy Kunhutta, in the scene illustrating whipping of Christ. The surcotte is dated 1307.


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Based on: Pohřební oděv Rudolfa I. Habsburského, českého krále, zv. Kaše, M. Bravermanová, in Život v archeologii středověku, 1997


Patterns of extant garments - Outer garments, part 1
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