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Saya of Eleonora de Castile

This is an interesting dress. First of all, it is asymmetric. On the left flank, leather strips (lacing) are sewn into the opening of the garment, so that the undergown is visible. The proportions of this dress are somewhat strange. The circumference of breast and waist are both less than 80 cm, as would be for an extremely thin person. On the other hand, the circumference of hips is 92 cm (normal), and the length of the garment is 197 cm.

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Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Tunics - Leonora de Castile's Dress; I. Marc Carlson; 1996 and photos of Museo de Telas Medievales de Burgos.


Patterns of extant garments - Outer garments, part 1
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