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Herjolfsnes no.43

This was probably a mens garment from late 14th century, found in excavations by Herjolfsnes, Greenland, along with the hood #76. It was closer-fitted than most, but still loose, and was supposed to be put on through the head. The scientists think that the person buried in it was approximately 25-30 years old. Although the height of that person could not be estimated from the remains, our best guess based on the pattern is that he was about 155-165 cm, with shoulder width of about 35 cm.

The line M-N on the piture designates a slit, which could have served as an access opening for the things hung on the belt worn under this garment, but we find it unlikely. From marks on the garment it is apparent that a belt was worn over it, at the same height as that slit, so the belt would overlay it. And besides, the slit was very small.

Triangular gores were inserted in front, back and sides. Sleeves are made from one piece of fabric.


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Based on: Meddelelser om Gronland, Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes; Dr.phil. Poul Norlund; Copenhagen 1924; C.A.Reitzel


Patterns of extant garments - Undergowns, part 1
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