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Men's kirtle from Bocksten

This garment is asymmetric. First, the length of the sleeves differ by a few centimeters. Secondly, the extra pieces of fabric inserted at the base of the sleeves to make the armpits wider, are of different size in the two sleeves. Sleeves also seem to be made of different fabric than the rest of the body. According to a scientific reconstruction, this garment should be quite long, extending down to the mid-calf. Like other finds from Bocksten, this kirtle is dated to the 2nd half of the 14th century.


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Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Kyrtles/Cotes/Tunics/Gowns - The Bocksten Bog Man; I. Marc Carlson; 1996


Patterns of extant garments - Undergowns, part 1
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