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Italian Renaissance shirt

This italian Renaissance undergown from 17th century is currently located in the Museum of Victoria and Albert in London. The garment was very long - down to the ankles, and its pattern simply consisted of rectangles which were gathered to fit at the top, on shoulders and the wrists, sometimes yielding up to 4 fold reduction in size. The undergown's simplicity is counterbalanced by its rich embroidery. Shirts of this kind were almost always made of white linen or silk, with contrasting black embroidery on the parts that showed through the outer garment (e.g. tops of sleeves). Similar shirts were also very popular in 16th century England.


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Based on: Cut My Cote; Dorothy K.Burnham;The Royal Ontario Museum; 1973; MacKinnon-Moncur

Patterns of extant garments - Shirts and Chemises, part 1
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