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These pants were found in a bog by Damendorf, Northern Germany (no date). Their pattern is complicated, as they are designed to have extra fabric covering the groin and butt, by gathering the fabric in those regions. Additionally, the groin may have been covered by an extra layer of fabric cut in a U-shape. The latter suggestion is arguable, since this U-shaped piece of fabric was not shown in the museum exposition. The waistband had eyelets for the belt or rope which held the pants up. The lower part of the pants was not preserved, but it has been suggested that the pants covered the whole leg, including the foot, as in the find from Thorbjerg.


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Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Breches/Braies/Trousers; I. Marc Carlson; 1996

Patterns of extant garments - Pants, part 1
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