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The pattern of these pants is complicated by the fact that it includes extra pieces for the groin and the back of the butt, in addition to the two pantlegs. The waistband contained eyelets for a belt or string. This is also one of the very few pant designs which were supposed to cover the feet. Here we present our simplified interpretation of the original pattern, which was asymmetric, uneven and odd, and would look strange. The scale is not exact, as we have not been able to find exact measurements of the extant garment. The dating is also uncertain, either from 1st century or 6-7th century, according to different sources. The pants were found in a bog excavation by Thorsbjerg, Denmark.


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Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Breches/Braies/Trousers; I. Marc Carlson; 1996

Patterns of extant garments - Pants, part 1
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