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Stunt hose, from 14th century Sweden. Made from fabric 52.5 cm wide. Each hose hose extended from foot to the middle calf, and was made from a single square of fabric, so it was very loose at the top. Thus, it must have been either tied up at the top or suspended by means of strings from the belt. We think it was the latter, because each hose contained 3 eyelets made from lace or narrow piece of fabric, through which probably a string ran to the belt. At the sole of the foot the fabric was folded over (overlapped) for increased comfort. The find could not be dated exactly, but it was likely from the late 14th century.

At the bottom of the page: Apart from stockings and stunt hose, people of the middle ages wore two more kinds of leggings. In one of them, a long rectangle of cloth, wide enough to meet around the shin, was wrapped around a shin with a lace. In the second variety, a very narrow and long piece of material was wrapped around the shin and a part of foot in a spiral. Because these two pieces of undergarment do not require patterns, we omit them from further discussion.


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Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Bocksten Bog Man - The Under Hose; I. Marc Carlson; 1996

Spodky, košile a nohavice ve středověku; Ing. Roman Vaverka; 2003

Patterns of extant garments - Stocking and Stunthose
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