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Herjolfsnes no.90

A partial find of a stocking or stunt hose from excavation nearby the village Herjolfsnes in Greenland, dated late 14th century. This was also a tubular garment which consisted of the "sock" sewn to the hose which was fit to the lower shin by means of 2 darts of unequal lengths located at the front. The sock-like piece probably covered the whole foot. A part of it, covering the sole of the foot and the heel, was found in excavation. It had a seam at the back of the heel. We think that the upper foot was also covered by a part of the "sock" with a seam running on top.


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Based on: Meddelelser om Gronland, Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes; Dr.phil. Poul Norlund; Copenhagen 1924; C.A.Reitzel


Patterns of extant garments - Stocking and Stunt hose, part 1
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi 2006